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Our resume writing experts will write a resume which gets you noticed and makes your resume professional with right industry specific keywords and highlights of your main core areas.

There are 2 kinds of services as of now. India Distribution & International Distribution. Want to change your job “don’t worry be relaxed as your resume will be distributed at right consultants. Will customize a platform for youby which you can explore right option for you. You can reach out to most of the best companies & recruiters, consultancy.

INDIA DISTRIBUTION & INTERNATINOAL DISTRIBUTION: reach out to most of the best and active companies and recruiters in India, Gulf& Middle East.

Process & Tats

  • Will take 24 hour to be sent your profile to recruiters and companies.
  • You can easily find relevant job opportunities.
  • Reach out to most active consultant.


₹ 1350

₹ 1000

In this will improve visibility of resume in front of recruiters. As we have good numbers of recruiters from various industry. They can easily view resume and approach you. In this will change your section also will highlight your resume at active job seeker where our recruiters, companies, consultancy can easily see your profile and connects with you.

Also profile will be automatically refreshed in every week. So that profile can be in top searches of recruiters. Will put one active tag on your profile which will indicate that you are an active job seeker.Accordingly chances will be increases of getting good exposers.

Process & Tats

  • Validity of: 6 Month or 12 month


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